Affinity Benefits to clients

Exciting opportunities exist by enabling your business to maximise the power of its client networks.

We are able to tailor, white label or add on affinity and assist solutions for your own client base. By leveraging off our platform you can generate additional passive revenues with little or no additional administrative expense, create client loyalty, and further differentiate your brand and increase customer retention.

What is Affinity?

  • Targeting individuals or entities within an Affinity grouping (similarity / likeness with a tendency to react together)
  • Selling in a volume / data base market using an existing network

What do we do?

  • Initial Consultancy and Assessment
  • Review brand associations
  • Identify Affinity Opportunities (Product review: Insurance & Non-Insurance)
  • Technology Integration assessment
  • Forecast Potential via Financial Plans
  • Obtain Executive sign-off
  • Coordinate Implementation
  • Reporting / bordereaux management
  • Structured meetings and feedback
  • Bespoke product development

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