Legal Risk Management

The development and implementation of a prudent risk management plan is critical to the sustainability of any business. In acknowledgement of this critical factor, Southern Cross commits to facilitate the mitigation of certain generic and potentially crippling risks that face our clients.

Legal Risk Management Services

  • Training as may be required on the management of legal risks
  • Facilitating the management and control of impending/potential litigation so as to safeguard the rights and interests of the policyholder. To this end, the services can include:
  • Investigating the circumstances of the claim to assess legal liability and insurance policy application;
  • The provision of guidance from a legal perspective on claim mitigation;
  • Facilitation on claims preparation in alignment with the legal framework;
  • Assessment of the root cause of liability incidents and recommendations to prevent recurrence;
  • Review of contractual process management;
  • Facilitation of the preservation of business relationships in the event of a dispute - this does not, however, include conciliation and mediation in a formalised manner;
  • Liaison between insurer appointed attorneys and policy holders

For more information, please navigate to our Legal Risk Management website